Equine Nutrition

Horses, mares, foals, etc

Yucca Star®

Yucca Star® is a product containing 100% Yucca schidigera pulp. Yucca Star® is also used in Organic production.

Yucca Star® is also used for swine nutrition, poultry nutrition, petfood.

Other products for the equine nutrition:
  • Alkosel®

    Alkosel® is a selenium enriched yeast (3000 ppm Se) manufactured in Canada. Seleno-methionine is the principal source of bound selenium. Alkosel® is also used in Organic production.
  • CristalFeed®

    Our latest range of flavouring agents CristalFeed® is innovative in terms of product texture and particle size. This innovation allows us to offer concentrated flavouring agents, easy to mix in mineral supplements and feeds, with good resistance to pelleting and time. In addition, the choice of aromatic molecules is based on the olfactive preferences of horses, in order to stimulate feed intake.
  • Digestawell® Buffer

    Digestawell® Buffer is a unique formulation of cofactors in order to maintain an optimal cecal pH in equines.
  • Intellibond®

    Intellibond® is a line of innovative minerals composed of copper, zinc and manganese chloride. Intellibond® is also used in Organic production.
  • Nutraceuticals

    Probiotech International Inc. offers a range of nutraceuticals such as MOS, FOS, yeast extracts, polyphenols, etc, in order to improved the well-being of chevaux.
  • Paradox

    Source of organic selenium and natural anti-oxidants to reduce oxydative stress and maintain a healthy immune system.
  • PFS

    PFS is a high quality yeast culture, very palatable, concentrated and added to feeds as a source of protein. PFS is also used in Organic production.
  • Phodesweet®

    The PhodeSweet® line is composed of products containing artificial and natural sweeteners, in order to sweeten feeds and mask bad tastes from raw materials and feed additives (animal by-products and proteins, canola, minerals, antibiotics, etc).
  • Polaris

    Polaris is a sodium calcium aluminosilicate for an improved quality feed. Polaris is also used in Organic production.
  • Veo® Premium

    Veo® Premium is a mixture of plant extracts for a better regulation of appetite in livestock.
  • Yucca Star®