Cats, dogs, birds, etc


Oleobiotec« is a line of natural appetizing agents based on plant and spice extracts.

Oleobiotec« is also used for swine nutrition, poultry nutrition, ruminant nutrition.

Other products for the petfood:
  • Alkosel«

    Alkosel« is a selenium enriched yeast (3000 ppm Se) manufactured in Canada. Seleno-methionine is the principal source of bound selenium. Alkosel« is also used in Organic production.
  • Intellibond«

    Intellibond« is a line of innovative minerals composed of copper, zinc and manganese chloride. Intellibond« is also used in Organic production.
  • Nutraceuticals

    Probiotech International Inc. offers a range of nutraceuticals such as MOS, FOS, yeast extracts, polyphenols,.. In order to improved the well-being of pets.
  • Oleobiotec«

  • PFS

    PFS is a high quality yeast culture, very palatable, concentrated and added to feeds as a source of protein. PFS is also used in Organic production.
  • Proformix

    Proformix is a line of butyric acid based acidifiers for use in feed.
  • Yucca Star«

    Yucca Star« is a product containing 100% Yucca schidigera pulp. Yucca Star« is also used in Organic production.