Company Overview

Probiotech International Inc. is a well estabished Canadian company, in the animal nutrition business for over 25 years. In 2003, the company built new headquarters in the new biotechnology area of Saint-Hyacinthe between Montreal and Quebec City.

Probiotech International Inc. believes that animal physiology at the molecular level is the basis for the development and market of feed additives solutions. We work together with leading research institutes and universities around the globe in order to create products which improve animal performance and well-being while increasing profit for the farmers. Developing innovative solutions in partnership with our customers (feed manufacturers, premix companies and integrators) across Canada and the USA has been contributing largely to the success of Probiotech International Inc. over the years.

Associated with Leading Companies in their Own Field

Probiotech International Inc. partners only with visionary companies, leaders in their own field, to offer a range of superior quality products. These fields include:

  • Micro-Encapsulation
  • Taste and Olfaction
  • Micro-Organism Fermentation and Production
  • Innovative Process for Mineral Manufacturing
  • Methods of Plant Extraction

Our priority : Quality


Our objective is to offer superior quality products, manufactured by companies following ISO, GMP and HACCP. All our products are either registered or in line with the Canadian Feed Inspection Agency and AAFCO. In order to avoid any cross-contaminations, our plant does not carry any animal proteins and by-products, nor medication (antibiotics, growth promotors). A significant number of our products can be used in organic farming.